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Bonnie Compton Hanson

Bonnie would love to share her joy of writing and the Lord with you and with your group.  She's also in demand as a speaker for MOPS and other women's groups.  She speaks to classes in elementary, middle, and high schools about writing, as well as presenting writing workshops and seminars to Adults.  Below are a few of her well-received messages:

Bonnie would be glad to minister to your group with one or more of these


 12 Joys of Christmas

Twelve sparkling bags full of joyful surprises — each one a unique Christmas joy to cherish and share. And they don’t have to cost anything except love and time. Wonderful ways for your whole family to share the special joy of Christmastime.

The ABC's of Growing God's Kids

Even two-year-olds can praise God and respond to His love.  Bonnie, a former teacher and author of several resource books for preschoolers and kindergartners, shares teaching principles to help your little ones grow spiritually, learn about God's Word, develop skills--and have a great time doing it.

Celebrating Our Christian Heritage

 We in the U.S. are privileged to worship God as He leads us--something denied most of the world.  Bonnie narrates the stories of some of those brave leaders--from Jamestown settlers to Pilgrims, to pioneer circuit riders and on down through the years: those who sacrificed to give our country its rich Christian heritage.

Dare to Dream—at Any Age

 How can we know if our dreams are the ones God wants for us?  How can we achieve the seemingly impossible? That's what Bonnie wondered as a girl, living in a tiny cabin up a mountain hollow.  But God helped her find a way out. She encourages her listeners to likewise dream according to God's will and seek His help in realizing their dreams.

Feathers, Fur, and Faith

Dogs, cats, hamsters, parakeets, horses, and more!  Bonnie shares a variety of heart-tugging true stories about pets from both today and Bible times, and how they can teach us God's faithfulness and undying love.  Plus playfulness, responsibility, gentleness, cuddling, and concern for all of God's marvelous Creation.

Hanging On When Hope Is Gone

 When Rahab saw no way out, she hung a Red Cord of Faith—and God honored that faith. Bonnie uses the experiences of Rahab and others to help us learn to trust the God of the Impossible—even when “impossible” is exactly what it seems!

Just for Girls

 This presentation helps girls and their moms to realize the rich potential God planned just for them.  Like the heroines in Bonnie's popular Ponytail Girls and Holly Jean books for girls, each girl has been created special, with unique talents, abilities, and personality.   God wants them all to be His princesses!  Especially for mother/daughter get-togethers.

Laughter Makes the World Go ‘Round!

 The Bible says that “a merry heart does good like a medicine.”  And it’s certainly a lot more fun than taking pills!  With jokes, puns, stories, and more, Bonnie shows how we can face the world with a grump—or a chuckle. Yes,  we can bemoan wrinkles, bald heads, and all the rest—or we can rejoice that we are alive, that God is with us and blessing us still!

Let There Be Love!

 Did you realize that the Bible is full of romance?  In fact, one Bible book--the Song of Solomon--is nothing but one long love story!   Bonnie narrates several of these tender and true biblical love stories and encourages her listeners to see how God has likewise been working to bring "the right one" into each of their lives.  Truly, God is love!

Pink Petals of Promise, Pink Ribbons of Hope

One out of eight women can count on having cancer. What then? Does it mean God doesn’t care?  A cancer survivor herself, Bonnie speaks from her heart to cancer patients, support groups, and women in general on prevention, making it through, and looking at life every single day in a new and joyful way.

Rinse Cycle Rejoicing!

 Finding joy in the humdrum of everyday--including (gasp!) housework!  With humor, Bonnie draws on her own been-there, done-that experiences to "grow" her listeners from resentful "household slaves" to enthusiastic, can-do "domestic engineers."  Practical and Scriptural tips to put you--and God--in charge.


 Everyone loves sunflowers:  those joyful, faithful, wholesome, upbeat blossoms--just like Son-flowers: women who love the Lord.  This warmhearted presentation parallels the life of this vibrant plant with that of the glowing, growing Christian woman from her salvation to spiritual maturity & ministry.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

 A treasure trove of ideas to help your whole family discover the 12 Joys of Christmas!  How not to "bust your budget," lose your childlike wonder, or get steam-rolled by commercialism.   Instead, Bonnie celebrates helping the needy, family get-togethers, traditions, memories, music--and the awesomely true Reason for the Season.

When Life Hands You Lemons

 Thrown by life's curves?  Bonnie certainly was when her husband Don woke during a severe ice storm with a ruptured appendix; when her 18-year-old Marine recruit son lay at death's door; when Don suffered a massive heart attack; and when she herself was diagnosed with cancer.   Discover God's recipe for His sweetest lemonade.

Why God "Invented" Men

 A humorous take on the men and boys in our lives, and how we girls and women can love, honor, and support them without losing our own dreams, personalities, and sense of self-worth. Sharing from her own life, Bonnie shows how God has designed us to work together for the nurture of our little ones--and our own enjoyment.

Why Should Cults Concern Us?

Dozens and dozens of cults flourish in the U.S. today--groups where abuse and cruelty are common, members treated as property, and leaders looked up to as "gods."  All based on holding man's word higher than God's.  What if loved ones get trapped in such a cult?  How can they be freed?

With God in a Garden

A special for all plant lovers, from farmers to kitchen-pot nurturers.  Here Bonnie combines Scriptural references to plants and gardening of all types, with back-yard adventures of her own--from monster tomatoes to devious rose bushes to cunning whiteflies--yet the joy it all brings!


Bonnie is also eager to share with writers in a variety of workshops and seminars,


Getting Past Writer's Block

Poetry Front and Center

Writing for Children

Writing Curriculum for Church Groups

Write Your Book All-Day Workshop


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